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About Us...

"Rock Pebbles is a purely literary Journal, published from Jajpur Town of Odisha in India."

It was first published in the year 1987. The first issue was printed at Jajati Press, Jajpur Town. In the year 1989, this Journal was registered by the Registrar for News Papers of India (RNI), Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India, New Delhi & was alloted Regd. No. 48173/89.

Rock Pebbles was published regularly from 1987 to 1991. Its publication stopped from 1992 to 1994. Again it was published in 1995. Then it stopped from 1996 to 1999. These breaks are due to financial difficulties. Again it started in the year 2000 and continuing regularly till date. Prior to the year 2000, it had been printed at different printing presses at Jajpur Town. From the year 2000, it is being printed at Cuttack / Bhubaneswar by latest technology at Offset Printing Press. In 1987 it's title was Rock Pebbles - A Humanist Review. In 1989, it was Rock Pebbles - A Literary bi-Annual. In the year 1991, it became Rock Pebbles - An International Literary bi-Annual. In the year 2000, it became Rock Pebbles - An International Literary Journal. In the year 2010, it became Rock Pebbles - A Peer-Reviewed International Literary Journal. And now it is continuing under this title.

Rock Pebbles is a half-yearly literary Journal in English. We call it International because it circulates in more than one nation. Now, it is circulated in England, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Philippines, Malta, Papua_Newguinea, New Zealand, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Israel, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Austria, Russia, etc. Among the purely Literary Journals, it is probably the best in India. It is being subscribed by almost all leading Colleges / Universities in India. English teachers in Colleges and Universities and Researchers on English Literature have accepted it as informative and as a source of reference for their research work and higher studies.

Like other literary Journals, we publish essays, short story, poetry, book review, art works etc. Through this Journal we have been trying to promote Odia writers by translating and publishing their works. We also aim at bridging the cultural gap and establish harmonious relationship among nations through literature.

Till date, we have already published the first grade Indo-English writers, i.e. Nissim Ezekiel, Mahadevi Verma, Manoj Das, Jayanta Mahapatra, Khushwant Singh, Mulk Raj Anand, R.K. Narayan and William E. Morris-International Poet Laureate of New Zealand, Goldie L. Morales (USA), Wazir Agha (Pakistan), Bruno Rombi (Italy), Prof. Kazuyosi Ikeda (Japan), Prof. Dr. Adolf P. Shvedchikov (Russia), Bernard N. Jackson (England) and Margaret Boles (Ireland).

In the year 2009 Rock Pebbles is allotted Indian Standard Series Number (ISSN) 0975-0509 which is regulated by National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi.

Here I quote the views of some Intellectuals, written in their letters to the Editor about the Magazine :-

"Federico C. Peralta from Philippines writes that readind Rock Pebbles is a momentary relief from the humdrum of everyday life. It inspired her and made her day."

"Gigy Joseph from Kerala writes that Rock Pebbles provides a forum for aspiring writers. Dr. Anjana Anil from Rajasthan writes that the Magazine is appealing."

"Gopal Roy from West Bengal writes that Rock Pebbles has become a great name throughout India. Dr. P. Raja from Pondicherry writes that Rock Pebbles is making a mark in the academic world."

"Dr. S.S. Biradar from Bijapur, Karnataka says that Rock Pebbles is quite useful to college teachers and students. M.K. Anil Kumar from Kerala says that every issue of Rock Pebbles unfolds new Indian merits. Bipin Patsani from Arunachal Pradesh says that Rock Pebbles is emerging as a journal of serious academic interest and creative writings as well..."

"Prof. P. Mahapatra from Bhubaneswar (Odisha) writes that he could not believe, at the first sight, that a standardized journal like Rock Pebbles is being published from Odisha. The Rock Pebbles is SALAGRAM for him."

We have planned to bring it out as a quarterly Journal. Many of our subscribers are regularly requesting us to bring it out as a monthly Journal. At present, it is not possible due to financial scarcity. But we have planned to publish Rock Pebbles as a quarterly Journal from 2015.

Dear friends, Pebbles have rolled off the rock, down, down the ages, leaving an eternal trail of impress of the Genesis. Children scoop them out on the beach of time and flying them into the cool, calm of the pool to see shivers in the waters. These shivers, ripples, sensations, that come off, goes deep, deeper into our consciousness peeping us up to fly back to our origin, our culture, our heritage.

Let us wish the Pebbles a sound and stuntless glide and bloom like soft budding emotions that can fly us to the nest beyond the horizon. Be it a search for ever.

Rock Pebbles Family

Dr. K.K. Gandhi
Dr. Amiya Kumar Patra

Dr. Udayanath Majhi

Chief Sub-Editor
Sapan Kumar Jena

Biraja Bal

Managing Editor
Namita Sutar

Dr. Vijay Prakash Singh, Lucknow University
Dr. B.Y. Naik, Bangalore University
Dr. Bishnu Charan Dash, Assam University
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Patra, Guwahati University
Dr. M.L. Jadhav, Shivaji University, Kolhapur(MS)
Dr. (Ms.) Shamala M. Ratnakar, Karnataka University
Dr. Nigamananda Das, Nagaland University
Dr. M. Ibrahim Khalilulla, Kuvempu University